Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | April 11, 2009

I Jumped…

on the ‘old blog band wagon.   Its so interesting to me, to think about how much technology has changed in the past 20 years.  Blogs.  Who would  have thought? Anyways, I swore I would never have one– I can’t believe people wanna put their private thoughts out there for everyone to read.  I mean, I keep extensive journals for my personal viewing pleasure but sharing my inner-most thoughts with random strangers on-line?  No thanks, not for me. 

Then I thought some more.   What if people still talked to each other?  What if neighbors sat on their porches after dinner for a nightly chat instead of sacking out in front of reality television?  What if little kids still got together for a game of pick-up ball?   Maybe we wouldn’t have to explain to our kids why there is so much evil in this world, because maybe, just maybe if people connected with each other and shared their thoughts and feelings, there wouldn’t be quite so much evil to explain. 

I don’t know about you, but my neighbors aren’t interested in after dinner chats and many of my closest friends don’t even know the real me.  So, here it is:  my virtual front porch,  my most personal thoughts on the Internet– enjoy. 



  1. OMGosh Megan, I didn’t get it until this morning. Why did you not tell about your blog? I am sorry, but being a mother of twins myself, I am going to come and read what’s going on with you for sure – if that’s ok with you 🙂

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