Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | April 17, 2009

Important Instructions. . .

for approaching twin mama’s in public.

1.  Unless you are 200% sure of the genders, DO NOT, say “oh… a boy and a girl!?”   This is rude, this is offensive, this pisses momma’s off.  Don’t do it..  Specifically, do not ask this after the mama tells you the twins are identical, because you sound like a complete and total idiot.   Boys and girls are not identical people.

2.  Do not ask if twins run in mama’s family.  This puts the mama in a tough spot.   Does she take the time to explain to you that identical twins are not considered to be hereditary?  Does she tell you about the fertility treatments she possibly underwent? OR does she curtly tell you to mind your own business and push her stroller swiftly through the mall?  Don’t tempt a mama running on low sleep.

3.  Do not say, “better you than me…”   Frankly, I think so too.  I like my twins.   I am freaking happy to have them. They are the most amazing thing in my world, please don’t suggest otherwise.

4.  While I understand that you are just trying to make polite conversation, I do not care that your next door neighbor had twins that were born in 1965 and that one of them just became  a Grandma.   I get it.  I do. Unless however,  you  have vital information pertaining to my babies, there is just no room in my head for it right now.

5.  If one or (god forbid) both babies are crying.  DO NOT approach the mama.  DANGER, DANGER WILL ROBINSON.  KEEP OUT.  ABORT  MISSION.  There is absolutely nothing you can say that is going to make this situation any better.   There is a time and a place for small talk and this my friend, is not it.

To Be Continued…..



  1. Ha..ha..ha – allso true and honest… and put in the best possible way too.
    Good read.

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