Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | April 21, 2009

I need Mama Friends.

A year ago, when I was thinking about the tiny little babies growing inside me I began to think about all the ways my life would change.  Mostly, I thought about how fulfilling it would be to share everyday with two tiny perfect beings.  I thought about how exciting it would be to see the world through their untainted eyes.  I imagined the joy I would feel at watching them explore the world around them.    So far, everything I imagined has come true.   In fact, I cannot even describe the feeling I get inside when one of my boys gives me a giant toothless grin.  Its truly amazing.   There is one thing however that I never considered:  being a mama is lonely.

There is nothing in the world that could take the place of the happiness my boys bring me but spending every minute of every day with them has left me with another void; one that I’m not quite sure how to fill.   I need friends.  I need adult conversation.  I need someone to relate to.

Now, before some of you fly into a rage– I do have some fantastic friends.  They are loving and supportive and love my boys as their own.  They do not however, have children of their own.   I need friends who want to come over for a Monday morning coffee while we watch our babies play on the floor.  I need friends who think it is way more fun to take our kids to the playgroud for the first time than to shoot Patron until we puke.   Really, I need mama friends.



  1. I am not yet there, but I can relate to what you feel…Its as if women stop to have a life after their kids are born – their life just revolves around the house,hubby and the children [not necessarily in that order]
    Make sure that you vent out these feelings to your hubby,your other family members or your friends.Dont keep the feelings bottled inside as it will depress you further.

  2. Hey….you know we could so be mommy buddies and have play-dates if only I were…oh you know, 2,000 miles east of where I now live… Life after having kids has a bit of adjustment time period…
    but don’t forget to take some time for youself if you can (I know it seems nearly impossible the first several months)!! Go have a girls night with a gal pal or something and let Grammy take care of the little ones, even if only an hour or two.

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