Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | April 29, 2009

Pea’s Please!

We did it.  We broke the rules…..  We started solids before 6 months.  (I’ll pause a moment here while you gasp.)    Yes, I know what the American Academy of Pediatrics says.  No, I did not discuss it with my Pedi first.  No, I am not concerned that my babies will become obese and have life-long digestive issues.  Here’s the thing:  I am all for research.  I believe in science.   I spend countless hours reading about the best bottles and which car seat is safest.   I respect the studies, but when it comes right down to it, I know my kids best. 

Let me back up.   They boys are almost exclusively breastfed.  They do get one bottle of formula at bed time.  This is mostly to preserve Mama’s mental health.  Around 12 weeks, nursing was not going well for us.  It was becoming overly stressful and I really wanted to stop.  They boys were eating every hour and by the time I finished I only had about 20 min until it was time to start again.  This went on round-the-clock.   I was exhausted and miserable and frankly, so were the boys.   Giving the bottle of formula made things much better for us.  Just that little break made all the difference.  The boys started sleeping for a 4 hour stretch after their bottle and we got into a routine for day-time nursing.   It took me a long time to get over the guilt of giving formula, but I know that it was absolutely the right decision for us. 

Our routine has held pretty steady since then.  Lately  however, I have been noticing that the boys seem constantly hungry.  For about two weeks I chalked it up to a growth spurt, but it really seemed to linger.  One day, I gave the boys bottles of EBM all day long.  I was shocked to find they were both drinking well over 40 ounces!  Thats more than liter of breastmilk for each of them!   I decided it might be time to take the plunge. 

I started with single grain rice cereal.  The boys seemed to enjoy it, until day 3.  J took about 2 tbsp.  and then woke up with an excema style rash all over his chest.  Oh.My.God.  There is no worse feeling in this entire world than feeling like you hurt your child.   Oh, the guilt!  Its gonna take me quite a while to get over that one!   I really hope J does not turn out to have a grain allergy, but if he does we will learn to deal with it!  After the rash incident, I almost abandoned our solids quest completely, but after much discussion with other mama’s I decided to continue.  Long story short, I decided to bypass grains and head straight to veggies.   We started with Peas and wow.  Watching your baby do something for the very first time is amazing.  Watching that little face for its every twinge of happiness or discontent is enjoyable in a way that I can’t really describe.   It has been a week and Peas are going great.  J is better with the spoon, which seems odd because he is developmentally behind C in nearly every category.   Both boys seem to enjoy the new taste and texture.   The biggest difference however, comes in their mood.  The boys are so much happier.   They are more content, they don’t cry nearly as much.  They are gurggling and cooing and they were not doing this before.  C loves to blow happy green pea bubbles all over me, and I don’t even mind!   Every smile I get out of them reaffirms my decision.  They may not be 6 months old, but my boys were ready for more.    Learning to trust your gut is a hard part of being a mommy, but sometimes, its totally worth it. 

Pea pictures to follow.


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