Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | May 1, 2009

Its raining, its pouring. . .

What a yucky evening.  We must have gotten a couple inches of rain– its really been coming down!  The boys survived their first thunderstorm!  Actually, they didn’t care at all.  I was nervous– I had visions of two babies screaming for the entire duration of the storm and me trying to walk the floors holding both of them.  Thank goodness for small blessings!    They didn’t get their baths tonight however, because I was too nervous to bath them when it was storming.  (Probably silly, I know, but I’m mildly overprotective!)  We shall see how they sleep tonight because they are dependent on their routine!  

Speaking of routine, a lot of people have been asking what sort of schedule we have.  Really, we’re not on much of one, but here is the loose version:

7am: Both boys are awake, but in that wonderful sleepy/snuggly stage.  They come into bed with mommy until about 8:30.  During this time they both nurse multiple times and doze on and off. 

8:30am:  We get up and get dressed and sing some songs with our Rainforest’s Grooves CD.   Then we play in our room, either in our beds or in our jumper.  Mommy sometimes squeezes in a shower, but mostly doesn’t make it. 

10am:  The boys nurse again.  I try to do it individually, but depending on how grumpy they are they sometimes tandem. 

11am:  Mommy attempts to eat some lunch, clean, do laundry etc.  The boys will usually take a very brief nap somewhere in this time-span.  Most days they do not sleep at the same time, which is something we need to work on. 

1pm:  We usually have a bottle of EBM sometime around 1.   My supply seems to get really low this time of day. 

Afternoon: We have no schedule here.  We do various activities such as reading, tummy time, bumbo time, jumperoo, walks (if its nice out) and naps.  We also nurse at least once more, usually twice.  We really need to do better here. .

5pm:  We eat our veggie around 5.  Carrots are going better than peas!  We sorta hang out till 8.  Lately J has been taking another little sleep in here, which is super annoying because then he doesn’t want to go to bed. 

8pm: Bath’s.  We are still using the baby tub so we do one at a time.  It will be nice when both can be done together– but I’m not wishing my babies to grow up any faster than they already are!

8:30pm:  Bottles of formula and BED.  They are totally ready and usually cry for 5-10 min and are out! 

12am-ish:  Wake up for night nursing #1

3am-ish:  Wake up for night nursing #2

5am-ish:  Wake up for night nursing #3.

Bored yet?  To quote Kate Gosselin, “Every day is painfully the same yet exciting and differnt.”  Not a big fan of team Kate, but that quote totally sums it up.    Its so much fun watching the boys learn and grow and discover new things but it can get awefully tedious!   I  hope however, that someday when I look back I can remember all the little moments with the boys.  I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them and enjoy them each day!  Part of me wishes we could go on in this tedious pattern forever 🙂 !


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