Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | May 2, 2009

Farmer’s Inn. .

Today was such a nice day.  One of my best friends came from Ohio to see the boys.  I’m really sad that she didn’t get the chance to see them until now, because they have changed so very much since they were born.   I am, however, thrilled that she got to see them now!  She is one of those friends that are rare and hard to find.  One that you  know will be there for you no matter what.  No matter how much time passes between visits.   No matter how many miles between you.  So Aunt K, if you are reading this: thanks for always being such a great friend.  I love ya. 

It was pretty nice outside today, so we went to this crazy little petting zoo sorta thing near our house.  Its strange because there are like goats and lambs and things walking around freely that you can pet, but there are also bears and cougars and big scary animals.   None of the cages look super safe and the Red Foxes were making these insane mating noises and attacking each other.  Oh well, it only costs a dollar!  The joys of western PA.   My camera unfortunately died shortly after our arrival, but I’ll add a few pics for your viewing pleasure. 

The boys were good.  They obviously didn’t care about the animals– in fact, they went to sleep.   They started melting down when they got switched from the stroller to the car-seat so I ended up nursing them in the car before we left.

 It made me realize how I totally don’t mind nursing in public.  Ok, it wasn’t very public, but if it was warmer, I would have done it out of the car.  My point is, before I had babies, I was sorta bothered by public nursing.  I worked as a server for a long time and HATED it when people nursed babies at my tables.  Today, I realized that I hate the sound of a  hungry, crying baby.  It makes me feel guilty and sad (even if I know they could actually wait the 15 min. until we get home.)   I would way rather nurse them anywhere then feel like I do when they are hungry and I am not feeding them.   Being a mommy definitely changes you. . .



BFF Feeding the lamb/goat?


Notice the lack of fencing separating us.  Its pretty much like this the whole way..


I’m in love with this turtle.  I want to bring it home.  Its in the same fence as the lambs, it doesnt seem to mind.



I wish my camera would not have stopped working prior to the big animals.  Also, there are NO employees in the animal area.  I love it!


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