Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | May 8, 2009

We Made It!

We’re home!  Things went so well we turned our one night trip into a two night trip!  Well, actually, it was raining really badly, and I didn’t want to drive for 2+ hours with a screaming infant who was getting his first tooth but, we made it!  I have to say, I’m pretty darn proud of us! 

To back up:  we live really far from stores.  Well, stores good stores like Babies R Us, Target, Kohls, etc.  We were getting a growing list of things we needed and it was a great opportunity to spend time with Great-Grandma S. 

It took forever to get out of the house and I felt like I should pack half our lives, but we actually didn’t end up needing anything and we used  nearly everything I brought.   I decided ahead of time I would not stress about time or have any expectations of getting things done.    When you travel with two infants you need as few expectations as possible! 

I didn’t need to worry though.  Everything went well!  We got new highchairs and swimming suits.  We stocked up on diapers and food.  We spent a lot of time with Great Gramma and even got to meet our Aunt J and CC and her kids M and B.   M and B might actually be the most adorable children on the planet.  B showed the boys some karate moves and I think they are hooked!  The boys also got their first bath in a big tub!  They looked so cute in there together!  

Our only glitch came when on Thursday  night.  J had been sorta fussy for a few hours, but I figured it was just do to all the running around.  He was really drooling thought and had a tiny fever.  (yep, I packed the thermometer!)   I ran my finger over his bottom gums and felt a HUGE bump.   The subsequent 3 hours of crying required a late-night and semi-desperate run to CVS in the ghetto for some baby Orajel.  The tooth hasn’t actually popped  yet, but it might be there by morning!  We’ll chalk this one up as a lesson on sub-cultures for the boys. . . and um.. . we’ll pack the medicine kit from now on!  

All-in-all, it was great trip.  We accomplished everything we needed to and I learned a lot.  Most importantly, I learned that I can d0 this.  Even though there are two of them and one of me.  I can do it.   I know that I can’t get stressed out and I know that I might not always get done what I want to do.  We have to keep our plans flexible and be open to alterations in plans, but we don’t have to be stuck at home.  We  don’t need help.  We are a perfect family and we will manage– just the three of us! 


Playing after our Big-boy bath!

Playing after our Big-boy bath!



  1. GO YOU!! Again, I’m not sure I could do it. That’s so awesome! Also, thanks for the tip on the Orajel. Someone else told me that “it” will hit and there will be screaming at 3 a.m. My girls have both bottom teeth on the verge of busting out and I still don’t have a tube of Orajel in the house. I guess it’s time to break down and get one.

  2. Go get one! You will be super glad you did!

  3. funny, I never had orajel in the house (never thought of it), I gave the boys really hard bread crusts to chew on and that did the trick.

    Wow, what a trip with two babies. Hats off to you.

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