Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | May 17, 2009

Baby Update–J’s Turn!

Mr. Jay.  Pea Pot.  Button-Button.   No matter what you call him, you can’t help but succumb to his charm.   J is the less demanding of the boys.  He is content and tiny and happy and wonderful.   He also has a mischievous side.  I believe he will be the instigator– the one to watch!   Sometimes I swear he cries just long enough to set his brother off. 

J is about a pound smaller than his brother.  He is probably a little less strong, though he did roll first.   He is not quite so interested in trying to stand and sit.  He prefers to be held and snuggled.  J loves to look in mirrors.  He adores batting at his bunny as it  hangs down from his chair.   He is also newly obsessed with the spinny thing that suctions to his highchair tray. 

My favorite moments with him each day come in the morning.  When C wakes up,  he screams bloody murder.   When J wakes up he sorta fusses around for 10-15 min.   When I peak over the side of his crib, he gives me the biggest smile.  It absolutely melts my heart.   He is definitely a charmer. 

Overall, J is a little behind C in pretty much everything.  He is not quite as interested in everything just yet and is still content to be held and snuggled.  He doesn’t babble quite as much, but when he does, its super adorable.   He is the only one who has given me a true laugh.  He is also on the verge of getting his first tooth.   Poor little man has huge white bumps on his bottom gum.  Everyday I swear they will be popped through in the morning.  Every morning they are still in there and J is still miserable. 

Before the twins were born, I worried so much about feeling favoritism for one or the other.  Would I favor J because he was smaller and needed more care?  Would I prefer C because of his jaundice and the subsequent isolation for the first few weeks of his life?  What if they some how figured out that I picked one over the other?   What if I screwed them up forever? 

 Now, 5 months in, I can’t imagine ever worrying about any of that.  I love them both more than I can begin to describe, but for different reasons.  Both my babies are magical and amazing and unique.   I love them because of their differences.  I love them because they fill a void within me that I never knew was there.  Happy 5 months little men.  I love you.



  1. Awww I love reading about both boys. That’s why I gave you a blog award on my blog! Stop by and check it out.

  2. Okay, WEIRD! Similarities: Althea, our youngest, is also not interested much in babbling, but she was the first to roll and laugh. She’s smaller and mischievous, too. She was the first to show teeth (but while no one was looking, Elise’s broke through overnight).

    • That is strange, but super interesting! I wonder if the pattern will continue?

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