Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | May 22, 2009

Baptised in the Water. . .

My handsome boys were Baptised last Sunday!  What a great day for everyone!  I was a little worried, because the boys don’t love water, but they did great!   The minister certainly didn’t skimp either– the holy water needed a refill when he was done!   Unfortunately, they both ended up taking their binks up front with  us, but I guess it doesn’t matter.   Ugh.  I’m still bitter at the nurse who gave them those after I signed three papers saying not to.  But I digress…. 

After chuch we had a big gathering of family and friends at our house.  The boys got super spoiled and were held every single second of the entire day.    By the time everyone left they were in total sensory overload and bedtime was a nightmare.   It was totally worth it though.  Seeing them made everyone happy and being spoiled made the boys happy.  It was a win-win for everyone but Mommy who got no sleep Sunday night!  Thanks to everyone who made our day special and congratulations to my wonderful babies. 

“I reaffirm my own faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior”

“I claim God’s covenant promise on my children’s behalf, and look in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation as I do my own.”

“I unreservedly promise, in humble reliance on God’s Grace, to set before C & J  and example of the new life in Christ.” 

” I promise to pray with and for C & J, and to bring them up in the knowledge and love of God.” 

I love you little boys!  You just got the best gift mommy will ever give you! 

Pictures to follow tomorrow!



  1. ok…i seriously must be computer illiterate! where do you sign in to see your pictures?? i feel so stupid!

  2. I’m actually not sure, because mine is different when I go on? They are in a seperate post if that helps?! I’m not computer literate either!

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