Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | May 23, 2009

Its Yard Sale Season!


Sale #1:  This was the “ugh. it was so not worth dragging two infants and an insanely heavy double stroller out of the car to look at your stained clothes that smell like smoke sale”  There’s one every week.   I have extreme guilt though so I buy something anyways.   Total Spent: $.60


Sale #2:  Good prices, good condition.  Total Spent: $6.00



Sale #4:  Great One!  All the shirts are Gymboree, Sleepers are two Carter’s, two Disney, Carter’s Jacket, Stride-Rite Shoes (worn like never, the bottoms are perfect!)  Total Spent: $13.00 including sled. 


The Deal of the Day! 

Sale #4:  Leap Frog Music and Learning Table with Ball Popper $10 with brand new batteries!   I am super excited about it!  It does the whole alphabet, sings like 10 songs, does colors, shapes and numbers!  Total Spent: $10 (Retail: $74.99!) 












I became super obsessed with yard sales last summer when I was pregnant!  I got SO much baby stuff so cheap.   I’ll be posting my weekly deals on Sat. as we will be hitting up the sales on Friday mornings.  I know, its not like you can go get the same deals, but it does prove that there is good stuff out there, and I get super excited about my finds and feel the need to share because frankly, the boys could care less.  They do enjoy the extra time outside in their stroller though!

 I like going out here a lot better than I did in Orlando, because here I usually know the person  having the sale, or at the very least know someone else who knows them.   Yes, I admit, I am a bit of a yard sale snob.   Really, I’m not, I just refuse to put my kids in clothes that smell like smoke.  I feel like the smell never really leaves. 

Anyways, yard sales, give them a try!

We’re headed out of town tomorrow for a bridal shower– ‘see’ you Sunday!!



  1. This sounds stupid, but I don’t really know how to “do” yard sales. Where and how do you find the ones with kid stuff?

    • I look in the newspaper here in PA. When I was in Florida, I used Craigslist alot. Usually, if someone has baby stuff, they advertise having baby stuff because it brings people in! When you are in a big city you sorta have to do a little more research. Like when I was in Orlando, I wouldn’t drive more than 15 miles and I stuck (pretty much) with certain neighborhoods. I have to work on the getting over the I “have” to buy something because I feel guilty thing cause sometimes there is really nothing I want!

  2. Great haul!!! I’m superjealous, no one has yard sales on my island- it’s a cryin shame.

  3. You know what, Megan, don’t buy the crap if you hate it for it’s smell, etc. I hate used clothing. It always feels like the person left some of their skin behind and I cannot get rid of it.

    The more clothes you have, the more work you have, it all needs to be washed and folded and, and, and.

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