Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | May 26, 2009

Computer Tropubl;e=

No, I’m nopt intopxicated (thopugh the thopught has cropssed my mind)  My copmputer is freaking oput./   When I hit certain keys, l;opts of l;;etters copme up./   Fopr exapol;e O copmes up op./  

As yopu might have guessed, this is super annoppying./   If anyopne knopws hopw top fix this proppbl;em,  pl;ease l;et me knopw fast! 

I did have a super fantastic recipeop  top share with yopu toppday, but I guess it wil;l; have top wait until; this proppbl;em is fixed! 

Have a gopopd night everyopne!



  1. heehee, that happens quite a bit to my cordless keyboard. And once it happened when Mike spilled Maker’s Mark all over a regular keyboard :rollseyes:

  2. That’s pretty rad. You should’ve kept it.

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