Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 5, 2009

Top 5 Friday

Top 5 signs you need to spend some time with other adults: 

(I swear these things actually happened to me this week!)

5.  The UPS driver informs you that you have something on your shirt and you look down and realize that it is dried breast milk.  On second glance you realize that you have been wearing that same nursing tank for more days than you can remember. . .

4.   The 200 lb dog stands on your foot and you gently reply, “No, No baby– that hurts mommy.” 

3.   Its been so long since you were in a restaurant that you went to Subway, sat down, and wondered why no one was coming to take your order.  

2.  You find it completely acceptable to shave once every two weeks, or even less. 

1.  You break into a rousing chorus of “Its Raining, its Pouring, the old man is snoring. . .  “  when the misty thing comes on over the veggies in the grocery store. 


Yard Sale Friday was rained out for the 2nd week in a row.  Bummer!


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