Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 7, 2009

I got another job.

Today was my first day.  Its a serving  job and it is definitely not my first choice of jobs, but it will put diapers on the bottoms and food in the tummies.   It will also spare whats left of my nearly depleted savings account.   Its amazing how you can work so many years to build one of those up and then you blink and its almost gone.  

Anyways, I went back and forth quite a bit before actually accepting the job.  I had already made peace with the fact that I would go back to school in the fall, and would have to leave my babies then.   I was not planning on having to be away from them so soon.   I am still going to school in the fall, but this job will help me make it through until I get there.   Its  a seasonal toursity resturant, so its sorta perfect because when school starts I will be done working anyways.   Back to my day:   

Leaving the babies this morning nearly killed me.  Baby C woke around 5am and wanted to eat.  I snuggled him in my bed and fed him, and I almost turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.   Then I thought about how difficult things were going to be when we run out of diapers and can’t afford to buy more!    I decided I better get up.   By the time  I made my poor baby get out of  my cozy bed and go back to his crib, I was running super late. 

Nothing like being late to add stress to an already traumatic morning.  sigh.   My mom is taking care of the boys while I work (thanks mom!) so when J awoke she was there to feed him.  I rushed around like a crazy person, kissed the boys goodbye and ran out the door.   Once in the car I put on my mascara  and then drank about a half a pot of coffee.   Somewhere in there I had a fleeting realization that I am a waaay more careful driver when the babes are in tow.   Makes me worry about other drivers out there!

Thanks to my NASCAR like driving on the way there, I was actually 10 minutes early.  Good thing.  I lost it.  Once I had time to think about everything, it came crashing down.   I didn’t tell J to be good in church, I only gave C one kiss while J got two, what if they freak out and cry the whole time without me?  Would my mom really call if there was a problem, I know she won’t want to disturb me. . .   and the beat goes on.  I bawled.  I cried hard for a solid 5 minutes.  I stared at their picture on my cell phone screen. 

ugh.  Finally I pulled it together, reapplied my mascara and headed inside.  The job was actually very easy.  WAY more laid back than my last job and a few of my friends already work there.  I worked 7:30-1:30, but the restaurant didn’t actually open till 9.  Considering how few hours I worked, I feel very fortunate.  I made well upwards of $10 an hour, not bad for a serving job.   We won’t be running out of diapers this week!  😉  

 I thought I drove fast on the way there, but on the way home, I set the new land-speed record for a Chevy Cobalt.  I could not wait to see my babies.   I burst through the door and kissed their sweet little faces.  I swear they got bigger while I was away.  They seemed a bit confused, but so happy with all the excess attention from Grammie.   All-in-all, we survived, (probably them a bit better than me), and are all the better for it.  I know its good for them, and I know its good for me, but I’m glad I am only working two days a week!  

I love you boys, and I hope you understand I am leaving you because I have to, not because I want to!  xoxo.



  1. Oh god, that must have been so difficult! At least you get to leave them with your mom. I know when I left the girls at daycare for that one single day, I could not hold my shit together. It would’ve been a little easier if it had been a relative at home. Anyhow, glad you’re bringing in some dough!

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