Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 10, 2009

CIO Day #2

Today went a bit better.   The boys were out cold in about 15 minutes.  Its a good thing, because I was only giving them 20.   As much as I hate to say it, it seems like this is working, at least a little.   They still only stayed down for about 20 minutes, but I guess some nap is better than no nap.  

My heart didn’t feel any better today.  I sat on the floor outside their room  and counted the carpet fibers that need to be trimmed off because they are frayed.  I also closely examined the hem on the bottom of my jeans, and spent a few minutes pondering how many hand-prints I could fit in one section of our hallway, (productive, I know).   I was counting to 100 and if they weren’t sleeping by the time I got there I was goin’ in.   They conked out around #37.   

They were both smiling when they woke up.  That is the sole thing that’s motivating me to keep going with this. . .



  1. I am soo proud of you. This is very hard and harder when you sit outside and listen. Try to put them up and then go out and get the mail, walk around your yard and look at some flowers. Come back in and take a deep breath. I always turn off the monitor for 15 minutes and then turn it back on since it is so hard to listen. Good luck to you and you will be soo happy you did this..I just know it. good Luck

    Heather Mott

  2. I know this is so hard! The fact that they went down so much faster is evidence of progress. Keep at it!

    If you haven’t read it yet (I know you said in your last post you’ve done a lot of reading), I highly, highly recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Your library probably has it so you wouldn’t even have to buy it. Reading that book (when my boys for 4 months) was a real eye opener – we were doing so many things wrong! When we got the boys on track with a nap schedule and did some CIO things were awesome within 2 weeks!

  3. You can do it! Don’t give up! I totally understand it is heartbreaking at first, but you will be SO glad if you stick with it. I have two great sleepers (most of the time). Aside from right now as they have been sick. Izzy usually giggles with delight when I put her down though. They will get there. They have to learn naptime is naptime. And they will! You can do it!!


    it is really pretty cool. i have two & pretty much feed one baby with one hand when I am using them. The only thing is that it is kind of hard to get the last little bit of food out, but overall I really like them!

  5. Hi..thanks for your kind words over at our blog,
    I always enjoy knowing when we add another friend in our “brady cheering section!”

    CIO is so stuff. We did it with our triplets and they are great sleepers. I used to take a 10 minute shower so that I couldn’t hear them crying because it broke my heart!

    Best wishes,
    brady’s mom

  6. I’m so sorry 😦 The longest I’ve been able to handle CIO with the girls is I think 8 minutes. It’s rough to hear them cry. You’re doing the best you can, and it is very important that those guys learn to sleep well and get good naptimes in. Not because it’s a nice break for you, but because THEY need it for their development and health. Many other twin mamas I’ve talked to have said their babies are much happier when on a good nap schedule. Good luck.

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