Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 11, 2009

I’m Oriented.

Yes, I had to go to College Orientation today.  Even though I have previously attended not one, but two other universities.   Even though I am  a solid 6 years older than any of the other students.   Even though I had to leave my babies for 10 whole hours.   They still made me go. 

 Actually, I thought maybe I might enjoy it a bit, because I really do not go ANYWHERE without the boys.  I thought it might be a nice sort of break.   Boy was I wrong.  . . First, I felt old.   I mean really old.   Some of the kids were not able to sign their own papers because they were not yet 18.  Ha!  It really hit me today more so than ever before that I am not so very young anymore!   The second issue was that I sat with another returning adult, but she was a large woman, and didn’t really think much of using deodorant.    This problem was compounded by the third issue:  the air conditioner was broken.   In the President’s address he joked about the campus boasting the “worlds largest sauna” and that’s exactly what it felt like.   It was just rainy enough outside to make inside steamy and disgusting.  

I would have taken spit-up and blowouts anyday over sitting in that gross room for 8 hours.    The content was also annoying.  That hour I spent listening to them talk about dorm life?   Complete and total waste of my time.  Also, nothing quite compares to the joy of pumping breast milk in the back seat of your car while everyone else is at lunch.  I also forgot my cooler, so I had to (gulp) dump the milk out.  Nothing makes me more sad than dumping out breast milk. 

Well, now that I have bitched my fingers off.   There were some up sides to the day.   I got a pretty good fall schedule.  My daycare time is about as minimal as its going to get.   In fact, I may be able to keep them out of daycare altogether on T and TH.    I was hoping for no Friday classes, but at the graduate level the classes are all MWF, with no choices.  Oh well.   Another bright spot was the bookstore.  I discovered they were celebrating children’s literature month.  Of course I had to get my favorite little men some new reading material.    

The highlight was def. coming home and snuggling them.  The boys and I took a small nap together on the couch.  I know, I know, not good for the sleep training– but I missed them.  I was gone all day!

   Oh, and they were with their grandma today.   So, I told her what time to put them down and to let them cry for 15 minutes.   She said they didn’t cry at all, went right to sleep and slept for almost 2 hours.   Go Figure!  Do you think they are just working me because they can or is the CIO really working that well, that quickly?   I am anxious to see what happens tomorrow when mommy is back in charge!

I’m off to bed now.  Tomorrow is Yard Sale friday!  It seems like we have a couple good prospects this week.   I am on the lookout for an Exersaucer,  Umbrella Strollers, Big Boy Bath Seats, and outdoor swings.   I hope you all find some good bargains!    Goodnight!



  1. I would be tripping out to go back to college now. But you know what? My mom went back to college when I and my brother were in college too. Can you imagine how rough it would be to adjust as a college student when you’re 50? Anyhow, I was SUPER proud of my mom for doing it and now she has a master’s degree. If that doesn’t set an example….good for you!! You can never go wrong with going to school.

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