Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 13, 2009

CIO Update.

Are you guys sick of reading about this yet?  I bet you are. . . 

However, it seems the boys laying right down on Thursday wastoo good to be true.    Friday and Sat. were sort of disasters.  Friday, the boys did eventually go down, but it took about 20 minutes and then they only slept about 30.   Today, they didn’t go down at all.  Usually when they CIO they cry with a certain intensity.  Today they were hysterical, screaming like crazy.   They screamed in a way that I could have never let them cry.  It would not have been healthy in any way at all.  They both took a 15 min nap while I was holding them and that was IT. 

I’m so frustrated.   I just want whats best for them and I have no idea how to give it to them.   I guess that probably that’s one of the hardest parts of being a parent.  I’m sure I will repeat that statement with many different scenarios in the future. . .


In other news, we did Relay for  Life tonight.  Unfortunately, it rained and we were confined under a tent for a long time but I am glad I got to be a part of it.  I have big plans for my own team next year.   Relay is a great organization and I highly encourage you to participate in your local event.    Cancer is everywhere and unfortunately it will eventually touch some part of your life.   Get involved.  Donate.  Pray. 

Please Check Out these Websites and support some amazing kids:



  1. Girl, I am so sorry. That is rough, and I don’t blame you for giving up on it. I agree that crying that hard can’t be good and there must be a better way. Some moms I’ve talked to have mentioned “the No Cry Sleep Solution.” I wish you tons of luck.

  2. You go girl..thanks for visiting..I am dieing to see if the garbage bags worked for you.

    Heather Mott

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