Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 16, 2009

The B-i-b-l-e

Its vacation bible school week at my church.  I am teaching 3, 4, and 5 year-olds.  Oh, did I mention that I have to bring my 6mo old twins with me?  Its  I’m absolutely nuts!  

Ok, so I volunteered to do a nursery.  As in, watch my children and a couple others so their mothers could help with their older siblings’ groups.  I made this very clear when I signed up.  I reminded the director when he called to confirm my role.  I said, “I absolutely have to bring my babies with me, I cannot pay someone to watch them while I volunteer. ” 

So, Day 1 rolls around, and somehow I am teaching 3-5yr olds. . . .  The director said, “oh, I figured  your babies would pretty much just sleep and it wouldn’t be a problem”.   Obviously he has never spent time with two 6mo. old infants.  But actually, its not going as poorly as you might think.  Chaotic? 




Nearlyimpossibletogetmyselfandtwoinfantsoutofbedandtothechurchby 8:30am? 


I really feel like the kids are learning and having fun though.   Well, at least I felt like that until today. 

The story today was about God sending the plauges to Pharoah to show his power.   You biblical scholars know that this is probably sort of a hard story for three year olds to understand.    Many adults have trouble grasping it.  Especially that part about sacrificing your first born son.  UMMM, yeah.  We are leaving that part out of the 3 yr. old version. 

So anyways, we went over the story.  We sang songs about the story.  We played 3 games that ‘reinforced’ the story.  We did a craft and watched a movie.  All of these things were about the story. 

Afterwords I made the horrid mistake of asking, “Ok, who can tell me what we learned today”.  (by the way, this question was asked in front of their parents when they were being picked up).    Here are the responses I got:

B:  “We learned that god is bad,  he does bad stuff.”

C:  “Yeah, he sent bad stuff like frogs and bugs and bees to our beds and our kitchens.” 

A:  “Yeah, God is bad.” 

sigh.  I probably screwed them  up for life!   I did NOT however, choose that story.  Anyone have ideas on  how to fix those answers? 

Its probably a good thing that when I get a job I will be teaching  grades 4 and up!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!



  1. 8:30? Eek, that’s rough. But this is a GREAT story and worth your lack of sleep 😛

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