Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 17, 2009

Well, Thank You Gravity.

My boobs are sagging.  They are sagging way low.  They look like the boobs of someone who is much older than me. 

Probably, you are thinking something along the lines of, “uh, DUH!  You had twins.  You are nursing them.  Of Course your boobs are sagging.”    This thought however, never actually entered into my head.   Tonight, as I was getting into my jammies, I caught a glimpse in the mirror.   My jaw dropped open.  I mean, I never had spectacular boobs to begin with, but I’d take them any day over these!

 I mean, I see myself naked pretty regularly.   I look at my boobs pretty much daily.   When did they have time to angle themselves towards my belly button.  How did they end up pointing that way without my noticing?  More importantly, how the hell do I make them point back in the right direction?



  1. Aside from the National Geographic nipples, hormonal discoloration and extensive stretch marks, my boobs actually look pretty good. With my luck, though, when we stop nursing over here, I’ll have the dreaded flip-flop boobs.

  2. Sorry girl, welcome to motherhood. My boobs sag. Badly. They are pathetic. I would take the tiny perky things they used to be over this any day as well. I dont think they go back 😦

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