Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 18, 2009

Why I love 3 Year Olds.

So I ran into a few members of my Bible School class tonight at a local town festival.   I heard a few interesting stories.   All I can say, is at least they’re learning something

Student A’s Mom: ” A, what did you learn today at Bible School?”

Student A:   “Well, we learned all about Elvis and the burning bush.”  

Student A’s Mom:  “Who?!” 

Student A:  “Elvis…. he found a bush and it was on fire and god helped him put it out. ”   “Sometimes God is like a fireman.” 

(I should add here that Student A’s grandfather is an Elvis impersonator.  A pretty good one too!) 


Student J’s Mom:  J, what on earth are you doing?!?!?  

Student J:   (who is drawing with a red sharpie on the outside of the front door)  “Putting a special mark on the door so god knows I’m here and I like him.” 

Student J’s Mom:  “….. ugh…ugh  well. . “

Student J:   “Its just like when you leave out milk and cookies for Santa and then you get presents. . . .”   “My teacher said God gives us gifts for life.”




I am sooooooo teacher of the year.   




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