Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 23, 2009

Everybody’s Doin’ it. . .

A Jon and Kate post!   (Try to contain your excitement)


I gotta say, I am was a huge fan of the show.  I have enjoyed watching it from the beginning.  Last summer when I was pregnant with the twins, I had like every episode ever saved on my DVR. 

I have refrained from commenting thus far, because I feel like I cannot possibly know what they are going through.  I don’t think its fair for me to judge or weigh-in.  HOWEVER, Kate said something this week that makes me absolutely furious. 

Kate said (in two different conversations) that she does not think the show has any affect on her marriage and that her and Jon would have broken up anyways AND that she atributes their marital difficulties to having multiples. 

UM.  Newsflash Kate:  The show has everything to do with your marriage failing.   THOUSANDS of other people have multiples and they end up just fine.   Its time to stop.   For godsakes do not make your poor sweet children endure a divorce on national television for all to see.   Have you ever seen the Truman Show?   Take yourself out of the damn limelight.   Put the kids first for one freaking second.   

I cannot judge the Goselins for choosing to do a reality show.   They believed it was the best way to provide for their family and I see no fault in that.   In their situation, I probably would have done the exact same thing.    I do however believe that when I felt my life slipping away from me, and being replaced by another life entirely, that I would have the sense to step away. 

So Kate, stop traveling the country and stay home with your kids.  You have plenty of money for spa treatments and designer swimsuits.   Jon, cheating on your wife and family is NEVER, NEVER ok.   Stop complaining about the number of children that you CHOSE to have and start spending time with them.    Also, the earrings look like shit.   You will never be 18 again no matter how hard you try. 

I am no longer a fan of this disaster.  My only hope is that someone at TLC pulls the plug, for the kids sake.



  1. I completely agree with you. I was a fan of this show during my triplet pregnancy when I needed to she someone who had it ‘worse than me.’
    But I stopped watching a LONG time ago. Her statement makes me angry too. Multiples is hard and it does break apart marriages but you are right it was the show.
    This just makes for so sad for the kids. They need to stop. I am done now.

  2. I was never “into” the show, but I do watch from time to time if nothing else is on. I did watch the season premier and this past episode. Anyhow, I agree with what you’re saying. How can having a reality show NOT interfere with your life, kids and marriage? My heart aches for those kids. They’ll never get these years back. I think that Jon & Kate has too many kids, too young and they’re both trying to have the youth that they willingly missed out on. Your 20’s are for getting wasted and going dancing, not for having 8 children. But that was their choice.

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