Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | June 26, 2009

Dr, Dr. . . Gimme the news. . .

We had our 6 mo. check-ups today!  They are a bit delayed as all our check-ups have been.  We delayed the first set of shots by three weeks because I wanted both babies to be above 8lbs.  We opted out of the 1st Hep B normally given in the hospital.   I don’t care what the research says, I was not pumping a 4lb baby full of chemicals.  Anyways, all of our subsequent check-ups are also delayed now because I am very careful to make sure their shots are not closer together than they should be. 

The best part of the checkups today was the doctor.  We finally switched.  I wish I would have done it long ago.   This was the first doctor’s visit I left feeling comfortable and confident.  I feel like I really could call if I have questions or concerns.  I feel like he actually cares about their well-being.   I realize now that I should have been feeling this way all along. 

Our new doctor is a Family Practice D.O.  He is also a good friend of the family.   The reason I had not been previously using him is hospital stays.  Our small-town hospital does not have pediatrics.   If one of the boys were to be admitted, they would have to go back ot the hospital where they were born and our new doctor does not have privileges there.   After leaving our last two doctors visits upset, I decided we would cross the hospital bridge later if we had to. 

Today totally confirmed that I made the right decision and I am so happy.  Everything about the visit was better from the receptionist to the nurses, to the equipment that they used. 

Now for the stats:

Baby C is now a gigantic 15lbs even!  He is 27 inches long! 

Baby J is now 14lbs 90z– catching up to his big brother!  He is 25.5 inches long! 

Baby C is a better independent sitter but still lacks teeth!

Baby J has two little choppers in there and is getting a bit chubby in the face.

According to the Doc, both are doing extremely well and they don’t have to come back for three months!   Yea Babies!


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