Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | July 1, 2009

Fresh, Clean Babies. . .

I recently made a new discovery.   I have been robbing myself of one of life’s greatest pleasures:  freshly bathed babies. 

Our nighttime routine, consists of bath’s, lotion, PJ’s and beds.  I have never taken the time to enjoy their sweet scents or their downy soft hair.   I’ve never spent time breathing them in and savoring their freshness. 

Not until now.   On Friday, the boys had their 6mo. check-up.   We went swimming in the morning, so we got bath’s in the afternoon before our appointment.   After bath’s, the boys ate before we left for the doctor and I wish that feeding could have gone on forever. 

Not that I don’t enjoy each feeding, but this one was  different, more sensual.   I stroked their newly washed hair.   I gently rubbed their oh-so-soft skin.   I drank in their delicious smells.   The bath made them sleepy and they snuggled up on my chest and sighed contentedly. 

As I looked down at them, I found myself overwhelmed with emotion.  With sadness and happiness all at the same time.   My tears flowed as I watched them sleep.   Tears of happiness because they are so tiny, so innocent, so pure.   Tears of sadness because they are growing so fast, because they are not newborns anymore, because I don’t know what the future holds for us. 

Part of me wishes I could bottle them up, just as they are and keep them like this forever.  Part of me is so excited for what the future will be; for baseball games and summer vacations.   

The future is full of uncertainties,  full of questions I can’t answer and problems I can’t prevent.   A few things are for certain though.   For one thing, we will be getting a lot more day time baths.   Another certainty is that every time I smell that familiar Johnson and Johnson’s smell, I will remember my babies as they are now;  Small and handsome and pure.   Untouched by the world, ready for whatever life brings them.


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