Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | July 3, 2009


I figured out today that I spend roughly 3 hours a week scrubbing poop out of baby clothes.    Jealous?  I know you are. . .

One of the only not-so-cool things about having two babies, is having twice as many blow-outs.   We blow through about 4 diapers a day.   I know, I know. . . this is totally what you want to hear about.  Its true though. 

Now that it is summer  the boys are wearing shorts or onesies all the time, and we have a whole new problem:  the poop gets all over wherever the baby is.   The carseat, the jumper, the walker. . . ugh. .  its never ending!   I have no idea how anyone with babies lives in a place without a washer and dryer, because it seems as though mine never stops!

While all the poop seems unending, something happened today that made all those blowouts worth it!  Baby C pooped on Uncle G!  I am so mad that I missed it!    I was working, and Grammie was watching the boys.    Now, you should know that Uncle G is 19 and acts like a 19 year old.   He fusses over his Abercrombie shirts and takes a Mr. Clean magic eraser to his white shoes to keep them spotless.   He is 100% all boy, but he’s not exactly adept at being around babies.   He gets grossed out by their drool, so for C to have a blowout all over Uncle G’s pants was a HUGE deal.   He said hes not holding him again until hes potty trained! 

Is it wrong that I find this so funny?  Absolutely.  But, thats not going to stop me from laughing!



  1. Now that’s something to laugh at. Love it 😛

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