Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | August 31, 2009

Guess What?

I’m back!  How I’ve missed the blogging world!  Summer was a crazy and busy and wonderful time in my life, but I’ve missed keeping up with everyone and their goings on.   I have received more than a few emails/Facebook comments asking for my return to blogging.    Not that those things weren’t enough to bring me back, but here’s the best thing:  my fall semester started today and the first assignment for one of my classes was this:  “create and maintain an online blog using”   How fantastic!   Some of my posts from here on out will be school related but I’ll sneak in plenty of babies too!   I have actually been working on uploading photos and typing a HUGE update post on the summer which will be published soon. . . I promise!

Lastly, welcome to all our new readers from ED 217!  Enjoy!


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