Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | September 1, 2009

HUGE Updates!

Its been so long since I’ve updated anyone on anything.  I apologize for that.  I decided I was going to spend my last few weeks at home with the boys, mostly just spending time with them.  It was a great end of summer and I am so sad to be sending the boys off to daycare.   Here’s what you missed:


Both boys are big time into solids these days.  They LOVE everything I put in front of them!  Spaghetti is a big favorite as well as cottage cheese and yogurt.  Their absolute favorite thing however is broccoli cheese soup!  I’m pretty sure that broccoli cheese soup is not listed in the “best baby diet” of any parenting book, but the smiles on their faces when they eat make it totally worth whatever arteries I’m allowing them to clog!

Both boys are also are self feeding things like puffs, wagon wheels, and mum-mums.   They also tried ice cream once and screamed when it was all gone!   I’m so glad they are not picky– I hope those habits continue well through the toddler years!


Baby C is thisclose to crawling.   He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  He army crawls dragging his body to where he wants to go.    He can also get into a  sitting position from his belly and has pulled up a few times on various pieces of furniture.

Baby J is not quite as interested in crawling but prefers to roll where he wants to go.  He has also pulled up on a few times and gets very angry when he can’t figure out how to get where he wants to go.

Both boys are changing almost before my eyes.  They are babbling new syllables, laughing spontaneously, finding hidden toys, reaching their arms to be picked up and demand to have toys at all times!   We have had a couple rather unpleasant outings because I have failed to bring an adequate toy supply along!

In addition to developmental changes, their looks are changing drastically as well.  Their hair is getting longer and very curly!  Their little legs are filling out and getting almost chubby.  C is still much larger than J, but doesn’t weigh much more these days.

Sleeping: We are officially sleeping through the night!  (WOO-HOO!!!)  We are also on a semi-regular nap schedule!  I can’t really begin to tell you how incredibly excited these things make me.  I only hope my posting about them doesn’t jinx me!


We have been blessed to be out and about many times this summer.  The boys have gotten to experience many new things!

Grammie and I took them to the Pittsburgh Zoo which was  a big hit!  They loved, loved, loved the aquariums and shark tanks.  They would have stayed in there with their tiny hands pressed to the glass all day if we would have let them!  They also got to ride the Marry-Go-Round and train, both of which were much enjoyed!

On another fun day, Aunt Kate and I took the boys to Clear Creek State Park where they got to try out playing in the sand for the first time!   I was a bit nervous for this particular outing, but it went so well!   They LOVED the sand.  Baby J even loved the notoriously freezing water.   He sat near the edge and splashed and splashed!   Baby C unfortunately got bitten by a big bug which put a bit of a damper on his day, but all it all it was a successful trip!

We had yet another fun night when we watched the Pirates beat the Phillies!   Our entire family is a bit sports crazed so ‘Babies 1st Pirate Game’ was a big deal.    Of course, since the boys are the cutest babies on the planet they made it up onto the jumbo-tron!   They looked so darn adorable in their teeny-tiny Pirate uniforms!   PNC Park preformed a collective “awe” when their picture popped up.  It was a really special memory for me, even though they won’t remember!

The boys were also fortunate to (finally) meet their Aunt Pat, Uncle Lou, and cousins Sean and Matt who joined us from Kansas for two weeks in August.  It had been far too long and it was fun catching up with everyone.

We also hosted cousin Jamie for a week and she was a big help!

Finally, we did manage to get in the pool a few times!  Its a shame the weather was so cold and yucky this summer because the boys LOVE the pool.  They kick and splash and get upset when its time to get out!  Unfortunately, the pool water is freezing so we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time there as we would have liked.   Oh well, there’s always next summer!

Lots of pictures to follow– click on thumbnails to view larger images!  Email or Facebook me if you would like the password!



  1. I need pictures!!!! Also plan a time to visit. I’m moving on my own so the boys can stay in my apt. It’ll be small, but doable. Miss you!

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