Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | September 11, 2009

Ed. 217 Week II

RSS Feeds:

I’ve been reading a lot about RSS Feeds this week and its actually pretty interesting stuff.   Basically, RSS Feeds are a system for syndicating websites with frequently updated content.   They are most frequently used by news sites and bloggers.    When a reader subscribes through an RSS feed they are able to see only the most recently updated content which saves time.

In order to subscribe to RSS feeds you will need a reader.  There are lots of readers available for free online.   Windows users can grab a popular feed reader by clicking here. Mac users can try this.    Once you have a reader, you need to subscribe to sites with frequently updated content.   The reader will then begin checking the feeds you subscribe to for new stuff.

RSS feeds are sorta like super bookmarks.   If you have sites you check regularly, you have to go to each of them individually.  One you have your Feed Reader all set up, it will look a bit like your email.  Sites with new content will be identified with bold text or in another easy to see manner.   You can then read the newly updated content right there in the reader, or click to go to the actual site.   Either way, the content will be marked read and you can move on to the next one with out wasting time on sites that have not been updated.

Sites identify themselves as RSS capable with many different logos.   Here is a conglomeration of some of the most popular ones!

Common RSS Logos

Common RSS Logos

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about the actual benefit of RSS feeds, but now that I’m using them, I’m obsessed.   Give it a try!



  1. Glad you like them! What a great blog post!! Keep them coming!!!

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