Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | October 29, 2009

Ed. 217 Week 9

Remember back in elementary school, when teachers had you do pre-writing activities in order to help you brainstorm for a paper?  I know my teachers were fond of a tool which we called a mind map.  You know the drill, you put your main idea in the center and then draw lines connecting to sub-topics and keep extending outward from there.  I recently learned about a really cool website which allows you to create mind maps on the web!

The tool is called Webspiration and it allows you to do so much more than create mind maps.  You can make basic mind maps, but you can also view them in outline form.  Or, you can create outlines and turn them into mind maps!  In addition, the program offers preformed templates for easy organization.  You can also enhance your webs by adding graphics.  You can choose from tons that the website provides or you can upload from a URL.   You can even upload photos from your own computer!

The best part of Webspiration however is the ability to share your work.  Webspiration will send email invitations to whomever you choose.  When you send the emails, you can choose for the recipients to be either viewers or collaborators.  Viewers can check out your work.  Collaborators have the ability to make changes to your document.  The coolest part of using collaboration, is that Webspiration keeps records of every step along the way.  If you don’t like the changes someone makes, you can easily revert back to a pervious form!

I used Webspiration for two class projects this week, and my teachers, (who had never seen the program), were super impressed!    Give it a try!


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