Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | November 13, 2009

Ed. 217 Week 11

This week I am here to tell you about my next new favorite thing.  Its called EtherPad.  EtherPad is an online wikispace which allows its users to communicate by modifying the same document.  My favorite part of EtherPad is that once you have developed your ‘pad’ each user’s comments show up in a different color.   This feature is especially handy if you do not know the people you are working with.  I am currently using Etherpad for an online group project and I have not met the other members of my group.  It helps me to remember who is who, for example, I can think ‘oh, Anne is the blue girl’ — its very nice for those of us that are visual!

Another thing I really like about EtherPad is that it is in real time.  Updates show up instantly which allows for lightening fast collobroation!  If you are working on a group project planning an event across a distance, EtherPad could be a great tool for you.  Try it out!

Here is a sample of an EtherPad Screen!



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