Posted by: thebestthingscomeintwos | November 20, 2009

Ed. 217 Week 12

This semester sure is flying by!  This week I worked on an online group project.  We completed a digital story using a website called Mixbook.  Mixbook is really cool, it allows you to create digital scrapbooks which you can share online or even have ‘published’ and shipped to your home or classroom.  The books are fairly inexpensive and I can’t wait to have my classes create them.   Especially at the elementary education level, there are limitless possibilities on the books your class could create.  The Mixbook website has a wonderful example of a Mixbook created by elementary students.  Its called Kids for Kenya and features illustrations that the kids in the classroom had drawn.  I think it is a great way to encourage students to take pride in their work and is a tool which gives them a tangible sense of accomplishment.   Having students create a Mixbook is also a great way to involve parents as the books can be viewed online.

My groups Mixbook focused on Unique Christmas Customs from around the world.  Check it out!




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