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Ah. . . . Where to start?

Its been so long!  First, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU– I have received so many nice messages and emails from people I have never met in real life.  I had no idea you all found us so interesting, but I am glad you do.  I promise I will be updating you all much more frequently in 2010, AND there will be no more boring school posts!   If you need the photo password, please comment, or hit me up with an email and I will send it your way!

So, Where are we now?

I can barely answer this question myself, the boys are growing and changing so much every single day!   Their personalities are really emerging and they are getting into such a fun stage now.  That ‘double trouble’ everyone talks about is definitely starting to come out!

Play:  Both the boys are way into their toys now.  They love anything that makes a loud annoying sound, or anything they can bang on.  They are so busy and must be entertained at all times.  The are getting pretty good and putting shapes in their shape-sorters and pushing each other around on their ride-on toys.  They haven’t figured out how to make them go on their own yet though!  (thank goodness!) Another of their favorite games is to grab each others hair and rip their binkys out of each others mouths.  They do this simultaneously and repeatedly which is sorta hilarious until they are both screaming at the top of their lungs.

Movin’, Movin’, Movin’:

Both boys are crawling. . . . FAST.  Sometimes they go so fast they collapse and smush their faces into the floor which results in excessive screaming.  (are we seeing a pattern here?!)  Both the boys can stand unassisted and walk pushing their wagons around.  As of today, Baby J is officially WALKING!  He has been taking tentative steps for a few weeks now, but today he was walking across rooms.  It was so fun watching him– he gained confidence with each step and got more and more brave as the day went on.    Baby C scoots but will not take unassisted steps.   I’m a bit surprised that Baby J went first, as C has been first in nearly everything else (sitting, crawling, etc.)  The running joke right now is that we live in a ‘gated community’ because there are gates everywhere you look.  I just add hurdling 23,000 gates a day while holding 40 lbs of baby onto my daily workout log.  (ok, if I’m being honest, I actually use it as an excuse to eat an extra christmas cookie, but I digress)

Whats Cookin’?

The boys are down to two bottles a day– one in the morning and one before bed.  They get half formula and half whole milk in each.   Whole milk tends to lead to major diaper blow-outs, and since I love those so much I have neglected to switch them totally over just yet.  They don’t really need any bottles as we have made MAJOR strides with cups in the past few weeks but the only time of day they wanna snuggle with me is when they are drinking a bottle.   (YES, I have totally turned into that mom, but don’t worry they will be bottle-free in a few weeks.)  Outside the bottles the boys eat, well, WHATEVER I put in front of them.  I’m talking anything from Mac ‘n’ Cheese to Chili and everything in between.  They aren’t super crazy about peas and the pork roast from New Year’s Day wasn’t a super big hit, but other than that, you name it, they’re eating it.   Baby J does NOT want to be fed from a spoon anymore.  He wants to pick up everything and look at it and eat by himself. All-in-all we are very fortunate though– food is not a battle for us and allergies have been a non-issue.

Physical Stats:

We had our one year check-up this past week and the boys are lookin’ good!  Baby C is weighing in at 20lbs 8 oz and is 29.5 inches tall.  Baby J is lagging a bit behind at 19lbs 5oz and is also 29.5 inches tall.   Both boys have five top teeth and four bottom ones.  Their hair is growing like crazy and is super curly–probably I’m never cutting it.  I am also happy to report that their eyes are still blue!  I have been hoping and hoping they would keep their beautiful baby blues and it seems they will!

So, what did ya do all Fall?

Fall was a busy and stressful time as the boys went to daycare and I went to school full time.  They boys did fantastic at daycare and love their teachers.  I am happy to report that I earned a 4.0 this semester and really like my new major.   Besides school and work we stayed very busy!  We visited great grandma a few times and spent as much time outside as possible.  Unfortunately, baby C was hospitalized in October with Swine Flu and Pneumonia.  It was a rough few days, but he recovered everything went back to normal!   They boys had fun carving pumpkins for the first time and dressed as monkeys for Halloween.   They celebrated their first Thanksgiving at their Aunt Robyn’s house and were very good boys for her while momma went black friday shopping.   Thanksgiving was bittersweet for me as it hit hard that it was our last ‘first’ holiday.  My little men are growing up way too fast!

So, if you made it through all this, you deserve an award!  Lots of pictures to follow!  Enjoy!



  1. Hey this is pixie from MB. The password i have to view the pics isn’t working. can i get the new one pretty please?

  2. Sorry I made you do boring school blog posts… 🙂

  3. Woohoo, you’re back! I haven’t checked in a while, what with all that school nonsense 😛 I’d love to see pics if you don’t mind emailing a password.

  4. gosh Megan, I have been thinking about you. I hope you’re doing well, there aren’t many posts where I can read anything new.

    Happy Easter………….Iris

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