Nursing Two

Below are my tips for nursing two.  I realize that everyone does not share my opinions/views.  I am simply supplying what works for me, in hopes that it might make life a little easier for someone else.  Positive comments only please!  If you have a tip to add, please comment and I will add it, linking back to you! 

1.  Get a good grasp on nursing one before you move on to tandem nursing.  If both babies do not have a good latch both you and them will get frustrated quickly. 

2.  Get a nursing pillow.  I know someone who can tandem nurse with no pillow or support, but I have found that nearly impossible.   I have a plain old Boppy, and it works great for us.   Other twin mama’s that I have talked to prefer a larger pillow designed for twins. 

3.  Nurse somewhere comfortable.  I prefer to sit in the middle of my bed.  I like this because I can easily sit a baby on each side of me and don’t have to worry about them falling.  Especially when they start to get really active, its a lot easier when you can set someone down if needed. 

4.  Find a position that works for you!  I must have tried ten before we found the perfect fit.   I sit sort of leaning back, propped against pillows on the bed.  I bend at the knees with my feet flat on the bed.  This brings the Boppy to the correct  height.  (Picture, as soon as I have someone to take one!) 

5.  Don’t stress.  I know, I know– its feeding your precious, amazing new babies, how can you not stress?!   Here’s the thing, nursing twins is hard.  Its going to take nearly all of your time those first few weeks (ok, months).   Just tell yourself you are doing what is best for your babies.  The housework can wait, the laundry isn’t going anywhere.  Relax and take your time. 

6.  Introduce a bottle.  We did around 7 weeks and it was a huge help.  My boys get a bottle of either formula or EBM at bed time.    No matter how much you love your babies, its nice to have some down time.  Its  nice to be able to go buy diapers and not have to worry about being back in under an hour so they can eat again.   Its also nice when you start venturing out.  I don’t  mind nursing in public, but it takes a lot of time to nurse each baby individually.

7.  Do NOT feel guilty if you have to supplement.  Yes, breast milk is best for your babies.  However, formula is not poison.   Your little ones will be fine if they have some.  I had major guilt issues until my OB told me t his:  “Every ounce of breast-milk they get is good for them.  You can’t feel guilty.”   She was right.  If I have to give them formula, I don’t stress about it anymore.   I give them as much breast-milk as possible and I know that in doing that, I am giving them the best possible start.


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  1. Yep yep and yep. Great points. I don’t know about you, but for me the up-front investment (of time, tears and sleeplessness) was ALL worth it in the end.

  2. Rock on! I was not able to nurse fully, but I have been pumping since day one! I still pump (even though I only get 2 oz per pump, that is the best for the kiddos and I do it!

    Would love to read more about you and the Kiddos…found you through the MoMs site.

  3. YOU rock for pumping for over 9 months! I HATE pumping. I really need to do better with that, but I have such a hard time making myself!

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