Surviving Day to Day

Below are some things that help me survive day to day.  I hope they help you too.  Oh, and  please comment with your own tips and tricks!

1.   (This is a big One)   LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS.  One more time: LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS.   You are not going to get all the laundry done, your kitchen floor probably needs to be mopped,  the dogs toenails probably need to be trimmed. 

Don’t let yourself stress about it.   Are your babies, clean, happy, healthy and well fed?  If the answer is yes, you’re doing great.  Especially at first, let yourself relax and enjoy your babies.  I had a hard time with this at first.  I am a perfectionist and have huge issues with disorder.  I felt as though I was failing when I didn’t get everything on my to-do list done each day.   Now, I am so glad I have so much time to spend with my babies.  The dishes will still be in the sink in the morning, but my babies aren’t going to want to snuggle in my arms forever. 

 2.  Weigh Your Options:  Every single twin book tells you to learn to double up.  Learn to do everything in tandem.    This is great advice, but not always.   If doing something in tandem is causing you twice as much stress, its not worth the time that it saves.  

A recent example of this in our lives is feeding solids.  When I try to feed the boys at the same time, they scream because it takes too long to get each of them a bite.  They then get mad and stick their fingers in their mouths and smear food all over their faces, outfits and hair.   Few things in life are more stressful than two (or more) screaming babies.   When I feed one baby at a time, they sit happily and are so neat we don’t even need a bib.   Even though it takes twice as long I will gladly enjoy peace and quiet over screaming and food covered babies.    Sometimes, saving the extra time just isn’t worth it.  

3.  Remember that the books don’t know everything:    In this age of technology, we have access to SO much information.   Read it, enjoy it, but don’t let it take you over.  Sometimes mama just knows best!   

4.  Become more organized.   I have always been pretty organized, but am way more so now that there are two tiny people depending on me 24/7.  It is so much easier to get through each day if you have a general plan of attack and are not spending 10 min here and 15 min there looking for lost paci’s and socks.   Trust me, you will want every single minute of free time you can get.   Start making organization a way of life before your babies arrive and it will carry over! 

5.  Get Out.  Don’t confine yourselves to the house or you will go crazy.  My babies were born in the dead of winter and did not leave the house again for 8 weeks.   We now take short outings almost every day and life is SO much better. 

As an added bonus,  if you learn to be out and about with your twins when they are content to sleep in their carseats you will be a professional by the time they want to be entertained! 

6.  Learn to do it alone:  I’m not saying you should turn down all the help people offer at first, but one day that help is going to dwindle and you will be much happier if you already feel confident and capable of doing it alone.


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