C’s Page


Born: 12:30 am, weighing 6lbs 4oz and 19 inches long

The First Weeks: C struggled with jaundice for about 3 weeks.  In the hospital he was on a bili blanket and under a bili light.  He came home with a bili light for about 14 additional days.  Since then he as been healthy and eating like a horse!

1/20/09: 8lbs 40zs  and 21.5 inches today!

1/28/09: Rolled from tummy to back today– Mommy Watched!

1/29/09: Took a bottle of EBM today from Grammie– broke Mommy’s heart!

2/12/09: Learned to stick out his tongue today, thinks he’s sooo funny!

2/24/09: 9lbs 90zs and 23 inches today!

4/9/09: 12lbs 5ozs and 23.38 inches today!  Wow!

4/28/09: 13lbs 2ozs and 24 inches today!  75 percentile for height!

5/21/09: 14lbs 5ozs today!

6/21/09: Rolled back to tummy, but no one saw!

6/26/09: 15lbs even and 27 inches long!

7/05/09: Bottom Center 2 Teeth Came In!

1/09/10: 20lbs 8oz and 29.5 inches long


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